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Titleist® Performance Institute in Woodbridge

Unlocking Your Golfing Potential

Let us help you improve your golf swing today!

Dr. Merogi is certified by the Titleist® Performance Institute, qualified to give screening tests to people interested in golf, whether you’re thinking of taking up the game, are a professional, or fall somewhere in between. As an occasional golfer, Dr. Merogi understands the mechanics behind golfing and may help you improve your game or prevent pain from holding you back.

Screening to Discover Your Needs

Many people seek Dr. Merogi’s help because of an injury that prevents them from playing as well as they have before. With the comprehensive screening test, we can use the results as a baseline to compare your progress over time. We’ll see if you have an adequate range of motion and the necessary strength to go through your swing with ease, making sure that we lessen your chance of hurting yourself.

Working Together for Your Best Game

Low back injuries are especially common with golf swings. Everyone has a different swing, and Dr. Merogi does not seek to change yours; rather, we’ll work with you to discover if there’s an area you’re lacking in and need to improve upon. For example, you may not have enough ranges of motion. The screening test will reveal this finding, and we can then work together to help you overcome the problem.

Are you wondering what we might be able to do for you? Contact our practice today to get started!

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