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Reviews for Dr. Yako Merogi

First Class Chiropractor

“Without any doubt a first class chiropractor. I have seen several chiropractors in Canada and elsewhere. Dr. Yako Merogi has been the very best for me. He is very knowledgeable, professional and yet friendly, and always willing to help out. His chiropractic skills are exceptional. Active Release Treatments have been extremely helpful to me. I recommend him very highly and without any reservation”


Agile and Mobile Again

testi7“Dr. Merogi has greatly improved my quality of life.

Prior to being a client of his, I would spend weeks on end incapacitated by lower back pain. Now, under his expert care I am agile and mobile, again, and my monthly upkeep sessions help to keep me limber.

Without any reservations, I highly recommend Dr. Merogi to anyone seeking chiropractic care.”

– Monica

Pain-Free Living

“I have known Dr. Yako Merogi since 2006. When I first met him he was working at a sports medicine clinic near my home. At the time I was having a great deal of pain on the ball of my left foot; so much so that it was impossible to wear dress shoes for more than 5 minutes without experiencing excruciating pain. And walking in general, regardless of the footwear, was becoming increasing difficult. I had seen an orthopaedic doctor but his only solution of cortisone injections were only temporary relief. The pain always returned.

When Dr. Merogi examined me he knew exactly what the problem was. The nerves running through the foot and between the toes were being pinched. For the next 2 months, Dr. Merogi massaged and manipulated the ball of the foot with his hands and a metal tool to free the nerves and end my discomfort. He designed special orthotics to help maintain the corrections he had made and to this day, some 9 years later I still walk and jog without pain.

Since that time Dr. Merogi has continued to be my chiropractic doctor and has helped me through the normal aches and pains of modern living: the occasional sore and stiff back, tendinitis of the elbow, arthritic hip joint pain etc. He has a caring and kind disposition and he is a true healer of the highest order. I am so deeply grateful for having had the good fortune to have him as my doctor.”

– Lorenzo

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