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About Body Cure Sport and Therapy

Our Mission

Body Cure Sport and Therapy Chiropractor, Dr. Merogi adjusting childDr. Yako Merogi has been providing chiropractic care, muscle work and acupuncture since 2006. Dr. Merogi’s practice opened in 2012 with the goal to help everyone feel better. He will do what it takes to get you out of pain. If we are unable to help you, we will assist you in finding someone who can address your needs.

Giving You Individual Attention

Dr. Merogi enjoys guiding patients to pain-free lifestyles and to understanding the importance of maintenance care. People who are into health and enjoy an active lifestyle are welcome to experience what Dr. Merogi can do to help you remain healthy.

We enjoy spending our time with each patient. You will have one-on-one, uninterrupted time during which Dr. Merogi gives you his full attention. He will start a plan to help you feel better the very minute you walk into our office!

Meet Our Chiropractor

Working with Health-minded Individuals

Whether you are a marathon runner, swimmer, work a desk or construction job or simply want to be able to continue your active hobbies, Body Cure Sport and Therapy can give you the health care you need. We encourage our patients to move their bodies, which helps you to remain injury-free. Sitting is the new smoking and can be detrimental to your health.

Dr. Merogi can provide you with the advice you need to help your body operate at its highest function.

Let us guide you to living the life you desire. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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